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Have you ever been acquainted with a person who makes a lifelong A creative student essay on the topic of captain queeg Tact was not one of his strong suits and he was prone to shouting at subordinates whenever and wherever. One of the more interesting issues The Caine Mutiny explores is that of loyalty.

I already knew I did not like this new captain at all. When the division officer returned, he called all senior petty officers into his office for a meeting.

I tried to explain that everyone was nervous because they were trying to make a good impression for him. If something did not meet with his standards, he would immediately correct the problem however he saw fit.

Keefer, whom Maryk believes is an intelligent and reliable source, convinces Maryk to believe that Queeg is mentally unstable.

In fact, he values it so much that he takes it with him when he jumps overboard during the kamikaze strike. There was a collective sigh of relief as everyone looked at each other with the satisfaction of now knowing what the secret to working with and keeping the captain happy.

Queeg attempts to force loyalty from his crew through strict adherence to Navy regulations and harsh penalties. It took a few months but slowly and surely everything started to fall into place. My explanation seemed to have no effect and the captain essentially told me to get them to straightened up or he would do it himself.

OI Division consisted of 55 Operations Specialist OS who were responsible for gathering, processing, displaying, evaluating and disseminating pertinent tactical data from various sources.

His style of leadership was what I modeled mine after. You could sense the tension level rising and I could see that the captain was becoming perturbed by not getting the answers he wanted. It seemed to be every bit shortly as he got stressed or nervous about anything he would get down to writhe them around in his manus.

The Caine Mutiny: Essay Q&A

Although Willie initially viewed Queeg as the more effective commander, he later viewed de Vriess as the better leader. Thus, the issues that sailors complain of on a daily basis are but minor offenses and a part of the cost of freedom. Queeg said that he was lying to him.

One clear example of this is seen in his approach to the missing strawberries. I still used this method today, in that, I come right out with what I expect from people who are assigned to me.

The Caine Mutiny Essay Sample

While the transformation is not always apparent to Willie, his mother notices it immediately when he returns for his first visit. For the first few days, he was to be found everywhere on the ship, asking questions and making suggestions on how things could be done better. This could be related to the incident that occurred with the strawberries traveling losing.

As a result of his act, his hope of a career as a regular Navy officer is all but eliminated. Any hesitation in fulfilling an order is viewed as disloyalty. When morning muster was called, our division would be the first to arrive and last to leave.

He told me, in the most glowing terms available, that it was the most pathetic group of people he had ever seen. In contrast, the relationship between Willie and May reveals a much different vision of loyalty. As he grew accustomed to the ways the ship was being run, and the crew to his presence, he seemed like a fair and reasonable type of commanding officer.

Greenwald notes that the victory dinner is actually a "phony" because Maryk was guilty. His crew had their uncertainties on his competency particularly in the state of affairs where the ship was in problem during the storm. This seemed to snap for me whenever I saw that Captain Queeg tried to make out to the crew whenever he was get downing to experience like something bad was go oning with him.

Not just settle for the mediocre or enough to get by with but, to strive to provide the best results at any task set before you. Individuals would could control five F aircraft at one time blindfolded, talk on two radios simultaneously and write backwards, now reduced to blithering morons trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Though he feels it is not very original, Willie is certain the novel will be a great success because of its action and sex scenes, and Keefer receives a one-thousand dollar advance for the work. Please select one of the following: Captain XXXXXX was a competent, intelligent and dedicated Naval officer who had just taken over command of our ship after the previous captain had been transferred.

The temper perturbation is sufficiently terrible to do pronounced damage in occupational operation or in usual societal activities or relationships with others.Yes, some may have misunderstood him as a Captain all right but the majority of the story deals with Captain Queeg's misunderstanding of his own self, role, situation, and as an effective delegator of authority.

The Caine Mutiny was released indirected by Edward Dmytryk, and based largely off a novel of the same name by Herman Wouk. The Caine Mutiny Research Papers discuss a film of one of the best military Captain Queeg; Glory - Glory Essays show that according to the film.

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Trending Topics United States The novel, The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk, describes the events leading up to and following a mutiny onboard a minesweeper captained by an incompetent and cowardly tyrant, Captain Queeg.2/5(2).

A creative student essay on the topic of captain queeg
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