Abstract expressionism essay questions

Works cited Paul, Stella. These two provided the brash foil to the greater movement that preceded them. But, the recent redressing of the balance here is striking. The initiated a new movement, called Abstract Expressionism, which was greatly influenced by the thoughts of the European innovators of abstraction.

The resultant artistic focus on purely personal truths was expressed in the essence of the later Abstract Expressionist works. The atmosphere in the Soviet union was of a similar paranoid bent then, and ways this fear of the future and uncertainty, and an attempt to find new forms of art are strikingly similar to Abstract Expressionism, as well.

This paper takes into account the works and paintings of many pioneers in this field. Widing says that the defining change was the exhibition on Alfred Stieglitz and his circle at the National Gallery of Art in Washington in [4].

Abstract Expressionism has been praised for achieving what those two words suggest, and collectors agree—or, at least, find examples easy on the eye.

The artistic and cultural shift after World War Two forced artists to relocate their means of artistic expression. Contrast this with Pop Art, which celebrated post-war consumerism, as the post-war economic boom resulted in an era of glitz and consumerism.

For example you might want to compare the work of an Abstract Expressionist with that of a Pop Artist. Though American artists shared a similar global reality with the Europeans, their socio-political circumstances differed.

And of course, this paper would have been incomplete if Jackson Pollock had not been mentioned in it: American modernist painting has also been eclipsed by the postwar movements, but, again, this is changing. Explosive market growth characterizes another artist who unites both Americana and modernism: It is intertwined with politics, and sometimes functions as a political commentary or critique.

Also neglected are American surrealists such as Dorothea Tanning.

Abstract Expressionism Essay

Enthusiasm for abstraction and pop art has tended to eclipse figurative paintings with explicable or unironic subject matter. For instance, paintings produced by George Bellows beforethe year he achieved his mature style, are rising in value. Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning played a vital role in this movement.

However, this painting is one of his best and the price is probably unrepeatable[5]. Unlike Abstract Expressionism, when the heyday of Pop Art arrived, spearheaded by such champions as Warhol, with America enjoying great success in its post-war boom and Cold War strategies against USSRthe whole of the United States was engrossed in its flourishing economy and mass culture.

We will write a custom essay sample on Abstract Expressionism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Art is always a manifestation of certain tendencies, and often it forecasts the future — and the future would bear some of the greatest changes in American and world history to come.

These divergences occur not only because of different aims Seitz reduces his study almost exclusively to the issue of artistic intention. Moreover, discussion of Brice Marden and his art of drawing with sticks provide an interesting scene to readers.

Second, and more surprisingly, there has been an upsurge of interest in depictions of America that are neither modern nor expressionist. This was evident in the cultural shift between the period of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.Appreciation Essay: Jackson Pollock/Abstract Expressionism As far as the world of modern art goes, many different techniques and styles can be used.

One style which shows us how art has evolved from its classical predecessors is abstract expressionism. /5(9). Expressionism in Art | Analysis.

Abstract Expressionism

Print Reference this After moving to Germany there work developed further and some would later describe the work of Kandinsky as abstract expressionism and was the front runner and inspiration of many abstract painters.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay. I believe that Abstract Expressionism became the dominant artistic form in the ’s precisely because of the difficulties coupled with the Cold War and the Depression. The difficulties of the era were a viable stimulator for art, as they provided the emotional intensity and the difficult themes necessary for the creation of real art.

Abstract Expressionism Essay Words | 5 Pages abstract expressionism It was a full years after Americans had their political revolution that they won an. Development and characteristics of Abstract Expressionism & Pop Art Name Course Instructor Date Abstract expressionism Abstract expressionism is an art field that emerged in New York after WWII, but it was not readily accepted as art by critics as the painting methods were unconventional.

Widing says that, abstract art of the ’s is overlooked, perhaps because it falls between two stools, namely the modernism of Stieglitz’s circle and Abstract Expressionism, and perhaps also because for collectors .

Abstract expressionism essay questions
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