College strategic plan

Assessment The plan develops a framework for assessing progress that emphasizes the importance of a multiple measures for a given objective or priority, b combining quantitative metrics and qualitative indicators, and c minimizing the staff time devoted to such measurements.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan marks a milestone for the College as it begins with a new, revitalized purpose. Among these, there are Priorities that provide direction on where to start.

College Strategic Plan

Design coherent and intentional pathways to completion that provide flexibility in scheduling and delivery options. Building on clear and well-defined pathways for students to achieve a degree or transfer, we will infuse the whole college experience with an inclusive and robust support system.

Attract intellectually ambitious students who thrive in and respect a diverse, collaborative learning community Engage students in a rigorous, experiential, flexible, innovative academic environment that capitalizes on our unique geographical location Attract and retain a diverse staff and faculty who achieve excellence across the liberal arts in the teaching, scholarship, creative works, and practice of their disciplines Graduate prepared, responsible, and thoughtful global citizens and leaders Create and maintain state-of-the-art, modern facilities, systems, and infrastructure The Strategic Planning Steering Committee tasked with developing the new plan included faculty, staff, and student representatives from the College.

Provide Dynamic Programming through Community Partnerships Student success requires dynamic, current, and relevant programs that lead College strategic plan sustainable employment at a living wage.

The main elements of this document include Goal Areas with associated Objectives and Actions which define areas of focus for the plan and steps for achievement.

We will reduce barriers to success by expanding our support for students from diverse backgrounds throughout their journey with FRCC, from connection through completion.

Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness

Having an overarching aspiration for the institution as a whole is important for the one-university theme of this plan. Improve assessments of teaching and enhance the importance of teaching excellence through the allocation of resources to departments, programs, and faculty.

Embrace Organizational Excellence Student success grows from a culture that fosters inclusivity, innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Secure supplemental revenue streams that support key strategic initiatives.

Strategic Priorities and Initiatives The highest overall priority proposed for the next five years is to enhance faculty excellence. We will develop and maintain relevant programs and partnerships that educate students for viable careers, promote College strategic plan learning, and improve the communities we serve.

Ensure that all employees and students can work and learn in safe, accessible, and appealing facilities. A key theme is to make public engagement and impact a more distinctive component of education at Cornell.

Along with a faculty excellence priority, special emphasis should be given to promoting and recognizing excellence and leadership in research, scholarship, creativity, and graduate education.

The mechanisms of assessment should be developed and finalized at the implementation stage of this strategic plan and in consultation with academic units. Research and teaching quality should be inextricably bound together at Cornell University.

In support of this goal, FRCC will: The plan includes an updated mission, vision, core values, goals, objectives, and metrics. The Research, Scholarship, and Creativity section stresses the need to increase the number of academic departments that achieve a position of leadership, strengthen support for emerging interdisciplinary areas, and provide libraries and shared research facilities.

Promote an environment that supports and recognizes employee engagement, innovation, and collaboration, for both full-time and part-time employees. In other words, create and maintain academic leadership across all of the broad areas but do so selectively and strategically within each.

Implement strategically focused, cost-effective enhancements to the infrastructure in support of research, scholarship, and creativity. Strategic Initiatives then describe in more detail how the priorities can be implemented. Cornell is a productive conglomeration of very strong colleges and schools, and it also is a whole greater than the sum of these parts.

Cornell, aptly described as the "first American university," is today a comprehensive university that combines the finest attributes of an Ivy League institution with a deep commitment to public service, stemming from its history as a land grant institution.

Identify strategically important departments where the age distribution will result in a significant loss of reputation over the next ten years and develop multi-year hiring plans giving priority to recruiting new Ph.

Improving the quality of research and graduate education is critical for ensuring a place among the top-ten research universities in the world.

Strategic Planning

We will be recognized for our singular focus on student success, our exceptional teaching, our strong commitment to diverse learners and communities, and our effective business and community partnerships.Victoria College Internal Data SWOT Analysis Strategic Planning Survey Results For more information about VC's Strategic Plan, visit the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and.

Developing a strategic plan with a focus on Cornell as a single entity is important. The challenges and opportunities of Cornell's changing environment suggest the need for enhanced institutional capacity to act as a unit, that is, to chart strategic directions and mobilize colleges and.

Ivy Tech Community College is committed to enabling our hardworking students to finish their programs and find high-value careers in growing fields.

The seven goals of our strategic plan outline how we will achieve our vision of students earning 50, high-quality certifications, certificates, or degrees annually.

Strategic Planning In Maythe Board of Trustees approved “A Time for Rebirth,” a new three-year strategic plan that builds on the St. Mary’s College (SMCM) charter as Maryland’s only public honors college and the first of its kind in the nation. Introduction In the midst of unprecedented change in higher education, our community affirms this strategic plan to strengthen our place among exceptional colleges and universities.

The Strategic Plan for Saint Joseph's College includes seven goals:financially sound, learning destination, diverse, multi-generational learning community, learning destination, liberal arts college in the Mercy tradition, highly evolved learning community, and best place to work.

College strategic plan
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