Compare and contrast indus river valley and egyptian river valley

These simple words that do not mean much to us now, but once long ago helped civilizations grow and culture to expand across the eastern hemisphere, which lead to the reaches of the rest of the world.

Mesopotamia Only 10, years ago people begin the agricultural revolution in Mesopotamia. China Only Their were 9 different dynasties in Ancient China.

The Mesopotamian system of writing was known as cuneiform, which was written on clay tablets. In Egypt most of the economic activity took place in farming In Indus most economic activity took place in trade and trade took place in the civilization. A final difference between the three is their system of writing.

Comparing and Contrasting Four River Valley CIvilization

Built sewers systems that were covered by limestone slabs. India had architects, priest, farmers, merchant, and scholars, while China had farmers, priest, architects, merchants, and scholars.

Mesopotamian Religion was based on the worship of gods of agriculture; primarily Baal, the God of rain and the storm; and Astarte the goddess of fertility and reproduction.

They all had very similar jobs, the only real difference between the jobs are how the workers went to doing and completing the task ahead of them. Egypt lasted from BC while China was ruled by 9 dynasties.

Sumer started in BC. The early Indus river civilization, the Harappan or Dravidian civilization, was dependent on the Indus River, but there is no evidence of its flooding as significant; nor did it serve as a source of protection from invasion.

For Mesopotamia, their civilians specialize in agriculture, or better know as farming now, metal working, architecture, which was shared through the construction of a village, and the building of Ziggurats.

He that waters the meadow which Re created China, Indus, Mesopotamia, and Egypt China had a monarchy government and its main crops grown were wheat, rice, corn, and soy beans. As you may see when comparing these civilizations, the kings of all the civilization, with the exception of China, were at the top of the social classes, while slaves were at the bed of all the class with the exception of Mesopotamia.

What are the differences between the Indus, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian civilizations?

Egypt was a theocracy government and it was dominated by the pharaoh. Best architectural achievement was building pyramids. Mesopotamia lasted from about BC while China was ruled by 9 dynasties.

Main crops grown in China were wheat, rice, corn, and soy beans. These words may seem straightforward, easily understandable, and maybe even seem to have very little to do with world history, but sadly that is a false statement.

In Mesopotamia the beginning of monuments was usually considered to be contemporary founding in Sumerian cities while in Indus they built walls around the settlements to control trade and to protect them from floods.

Egyptian wrote their own language called hieroglyphics. He who makes every beloved tree to grow. Egypt had a theocracy government and its main crop grown was barley.

Indus lasted from BC while China was ruled by 9 dynasties. The Egyptian Civilization revered the Nile; hymns to the Nile such as the following were commonplace: Crops grown in Mesopotamia were wheat and barley.

Your social class was not just important to the government, but it was also important to the jobs. For Egypt, the social class started with Pharaohs, then peasant, and slaves at the bottom of the so called popularity stack.

China invented gun powder, paper, silk, and the wheel barrow.Ancient Egyptian Civilization VS Indus Valley Civilization Ancient Egypt Ancient India Similarities Depends on a river Nile River Indus River They both flooded and. Charlie LIttle River Valley Civilizations Compare and Contrast Essay September 28, The Nile River Valley Civilization started at the northernmost peak of the Nile River, the Indus River Valley Civilization started along the south-western part of the Indus River.

These civilizations Originated around BCE due to the Neolithic Revolution. On a River Floodplain Indus was only recently discovered Name _____ Period _____ How was the Indus Valley Civilization Similar to and Different From Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt?

Directions: Think about the three Ancient After reading about the Indus Valley Civilization, make a list of possible explanations for its. Get an answer for 'What are the differences between the Indus, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian civilizations?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes The early Indus river.

Comparing and contrasting; Ancient River Civilizations: Compare and Contrast. Only Egypt was separated into Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. was mostly desert, other than the Nile river valley.

made pyramids and tombs for the pharaoh. Only Mesopotamia had created city-states. had their economy mainly based on agriculture. River Valley Civilizations: introduction; Mesopotamia; Egypt; Indus; China; compare and contrast; Work Cited; Egypt Only Egypt lasted from BC to BC.

Egypt was invaded by Alexander the Great and then ruled by Greek Kings. Egypt was bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile River flowed through Egypt. Egyptian wrote their own.

Compare and contrast indus river valley and egyptian river valley
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