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Because the Csr case study posco india has failed to do its role in this case; there is an opportunity for a company like Posco to provide these services and gain community goodwill.

The MoU mentioned a second phase, also to be completed in steps of two modules, together attracting a total of Rs. Is it doing these activities for its own self-interest? As of Octoberthe report claimed, in almost every village, except one, the villagers are almost equally divided between supporters of the POSCO project and opponents of the project.

We have tried to strike a balance in order to subserve the principle of Sustainable Development. The committee after examining various social, ecological and environmental issues, returned a split report to the government of India in October Although it is fashionable in certain circles to lay the ills of our society on corporate doorsteps, I will not do so because it would be clearly hypocritical of me.

The people to be displaced are mostly agricultural and fishermen families about families. The members also claimed that 21 names from voter list offrom the land proposed for Posco India, belonged to Scheduled Tribe protected by the Forests Rights Act of These supplies included water, electrical power, drainage and sewerage, licenses and permits to obtain coal and iron ore, rail links, and a highway road connection.

In Mayunder mandated stock exchange disclosurer rules, Posco confirmed the memorandum of understanding for the steel works in the state of Karnataka; with a cautionary note that POSCO has not made any decisive plans to implement the Project due to the fact that the Government of Karnataka has yet to confirm certain investment plans for the Project.

On 25 November Abhay Sahu, the leader of the anti-Posco movement in Odisha, was arrested over his alleged involvement in several criminal cases. Posco has started providing basic health services in areas where it needs to acquire land.

At the same time the area is eco-sensitive area. The report claimed that the reason for change in opinion were: She claimed Posco India plant, is planned to be located in a coastal district which is not a Scheduled Area and has virtually no Scheduled Tribe people.

The Lanjigarh tehsil in Kalahandi districtas stated in our Order dated The state of Odisha agreed to work with the central government of India to arrange necessary supplies and infrastructure for steel production by POSCO India.

Three committee members claim that clearances granted in past should have been limited to the scope of the initial environment impact analysis of for 4 Million Metric Tonne MMT plant.

Its efforts in India coincide with increased attention to the subject. Posco India further stated it has experienced an unexpected delay in initiating project work because certain circumstances, laws and legal procedures within India have been changing between and To treat stakeholders with respect is just.

Odisha[ edit ] According to the MoU ofPOSCO agreed to invest in the Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha to establish an integrated plant to manufacture steel, mine iron ore and other ores, as well as the infrastructure necessary for its operation in Odisha.

The reason is obvious.

CSR and Sustainability – The case of Posco in Orissa, India

Ours is a deep and ancient culture. The POSCO process, the report claims, will also be 25 times less polluting in nitrogen oxides NOx and 5 times less polluting in particulate dust terms than the process currently used by steel plants of India.

These forests were destroyed either during super cyclones or by illegal cutting. This is a very interesting case. The other three members of the committee claimed that past satellite imagery data suggested current areas under casuarina plantation in the coastal areas were, in past, covered with mangroves.

Coca-Cola India's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

A mobile health van goes to some villages at least one day a week, young women have trained as beauticians, doctors have flown in from Korea to fix the cleft palates of local children, scholarships for study have been awarded and street lights have been erected.

However, the company was unable to start construction because of social and environmental controversies.

The report claims the Posco India project will produce an average of Rs. Better still, what is CSR? Should it fund this? The state of Karnataka announced that it will not acquire land on a lot-by-lot basis, rather the land acquisition will be on complete consensus, on all-or-none, and will involve simultaneous negotiations at multiple locations in different parts of the state of Karnataka.

As the Dow Jones Sustainability Index defines it: According to the company, it was aware of the environmental, social, and economic impact caused by a business of its scale and therefore it had decided to implement a wide range of initiatives to improve the quality of life of its customers, the workforce, and society at large.

One village, Dhinkia, however, has remained steadfastly opposed to the project; so much so that the villagers drove out of the village the few families that were favourably inclined towards the project.

To make a profit. Furthermore, it would be pointless to expect corporations to address those social ills which it has neither created nor has any particular expertise in addressing.


To be committed to the well being of both economic and ecological systems is ethical business.Discover a case study of Coca Cola India in which how they turns their corporate social irresponsibility/issue into corporate social responsibility that give b. ICMR HOME | ICMR Case Study Collection To download Coca-Cola India's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy case study (Case Code: BECG) click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available cases: OR.

Csr Case Study - Posco India for construction from Central Govt. POSCO has already shown good flexibility & resilience by amending its plans more than 60 times to accommodate concerns of locals and taken CSR initiatives though vey late. 52 For Case tdies on Cororate ocial Resonsibility with economic responsibilities; companies are created to provide goods and services to the public and to.

POSCO’s!Odisha’project:’! OECD%National’Contact’Point’complaints’andadecade’of’resistance’! SamanthaBalaton+Chrimes,DeakinUniversity! Jun 14,  · CSR and Sustainability – The case of Posco in Orissa, India Posted on June 14, by Suhit Anantula The Mint reports that Posco, the South Korean steel giant is trying to implement a range of social and health programs “in the areas where it still needs to acquire land.”.

Csr case study posco india
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