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She is still pretending to be male as she travels around and says she is looking for her brother.

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The entire section is 2, words. The challenge brings Eliza close to death, but she prevails and goes on to claim a new identity. At first, she is too frail to fend for herself and must rely upon Tao, who continues to reinforce her health, which he does naturally through medicinal herbs and good nutrition.

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California continues to grow as does Eliza, who leaves her false male self behind, becoming a self-assured woman in a completely new world. Although the details of her life are not significantly tied to the story of Moses, Eliza is, in her own way, a leader, demonstrating through her adventures that there is a path that women can follow which will lead to freedom.

Although Rose herself is gladly unmarried, understanding that she is a lot freer as a single woman, she wants to raise Eliza in a way that eliminates the mistakes that she made as a young woman.

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While in the wilderness, Eliza has many experiences and manages to stay in touch with Tao who is working in San Francisco to save enough money to return to China. They try to amass as much information as they can about the area, especially about the mines and life as it relates to them, as they comb the Chilean and Chinese communities that have been developing in the region.

The story begins with another subtle biblical allusion, this time to the prophet Moses, as the narrator relates the story of how Eliza, as a baby, was abandoned.

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As she grows older, she must wear a corset, a tightly strung and stiffly reinforced bodice that artificially creates a small waist and a high-rising bosom--feminine features that attract men.

During her time in the darkness of the ship, she is stripped of her past identity, as symbolized by her miscarriage: Fortunately for Eliza, she has Mama Fresia, who has her own limitations but who at least provides Eliza with another interpretation of reality.

They are raised under the dictates of a strict patriarchy that wants to silence them, and they must find the courage to create their own voices.

Tao takes care of her through the ordeal. He obtains funding from his employer and sets sail for San Francisco to search for his daughter. He is a driven man, determined to change the world; and Eliza is infected with his zeal.Character Analysis in Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende PAGES 2.

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Daughter of Fortune Essay Words | 6 Pages Daughter of Fortune In the book, Daughter of Fortune, by Isabel Allende, the characters are ever changing. dba dissertation kit.

Daughter of Fortune

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Daughter Of Fortune by Isabel Allende Essay Words | 8 Pages The story begins with another subtle biblical allusion, this time to the prophet Moses, as the narrator relates the story of how Eliza, as a baby, was abandoned.

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