Leaders and followers

Apparently, the market is vast. The truth is that most of us are in followership roles regularly, perhaps in our families, social circles, religions, or other settings.

Great followers not only accept this fact, they embrace it.

If leaders kept this in mind, then leadership could move around the organization-up, down, sideways, in, and out. But where are the followers? But in everything changed. I contend that if you want to be a great leader, you must first become a great follower.

Good followers learn to read people and understand what upsets and motivates them. Playing the part of the follower is easier, simpler, and often less risky. It means paying attention. My job was to help make the book a success.

They shine the light on the leader. Today, leaders need to be aware of various audiences including colleagues, coworkers, customers, board members, and the public at large.

What else does it take to be a great follower?

They make their own boss look good—especially in front of his or her boss. As a result, they became tyrants, making the lives of their own followers miserable. Riggio says the best followers support and aid the leader when he or she is doing the right thing, and stand up to the leader when he or she is headed in the wrong direction.

Why the Best Leaders Are Great Followers

The book hit the New York Times bestseller list and has now sold more than 2 million copies. Here are five skills you learn as a good follower that make you a better leader. The key to high performance is not simply good leaders but good leadership. The market was just too small.

I was the VP of Marketing at that time.

Great followers are observant. Since that time, an entire industry has sprung up around the topic of leadership. Our hearts and the esteem we have for the people who make it possible for us to get extraordinary things done From this perspective, we are all followers of a way-a path to making a difference in the world.Some people are born to be in charge while others are more likely to become followers, with both genes and environment playing roles in personality.

While there is a landslide of materials out there dissecting and explaining the intricacies of leaders, very few people have devoted time and attention to the study of followers.

followers than leaders, particularly when you consider that all leaders are also followers. Even the CEO reporting to a board of directors is a follower in his or her own right. Followers see the limitations inherent in any given situation; leaders see the possibilities.

When things go wrong, leaders don’t dwell on how. Leaders are asking people to follow a process and it is in this way that leaders should always think of themselves as followers. If leaders kept this in mind, then leadership could move around the organization-up, down, sideways, in, and out.

Can Leaders Be Followers?

Jun 11,  · It’s hard to distinguish the leaders from the followers these days. So many leaders are playing it safe, holding themselves, their teams and their organizations back because they choose to.

Leaders and followers
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