Market research limitations of coca cola

Limitations of Marketing Research

Its use and effectiveness largely depend on the ability of marketing executives to get the most promising results out of it. However all such forces are not covered by research project undertaken. Similarly, research study is not possible where value judgments are involved.

He can improve his product and marketing strategy to secure consumer satisfaction and logically profit from these changes. It guides marketing managers in taking balanced, result oriented and rational decisions. In MR, efforts are being made to estimate or predict the possible future situation.

Consumer is a focal point in the market research. It is also argued that very many times, marketing research tends to be fragmentary in its approach. I am also uploading a document where you would find detailed notes on marketing research and its limitations.

D Secondary research is research that has already been carried out by somebody else for some other reason or marketing project.

Man conclusions drawn from the marketing research activities may be imaginary or not based on realities. This has contributed to an element of hesitation on the part of organizations to undertake marketing research in many cases, especially in the developing countries.

Consumer satisfaction is difficult to answer with complete accuracy. It actually acts as a tool which facilitates decision making process. In the absence of this, research is likely to be costly and unreliable. However, his buying motives are difficult to judge precisely and accurately.

Such attitude of indifference on the part of researchers and marketing executives makes marketing research meaningless. MR fails to offer guidance to managers while dealing with specific problems.

A problem like Profitability Vs. For scientific MR, professional marketing researchers with proper qualifications, training and experience are necessary.

The findings of the research work particularly in the case of consumer research may not prove to be accurate. Secondly, researchers should try to act as friend and guide of marketing executives.

Marketing research for Coca Cola Essay

Businesses like to use this method of research because the data is accurate and is original. This is because marketingresearch itself is not an exact science. It suggests solutions that may be difficult to put into operation.

MR offers predictions but they are not necessarily accurate or perfect. However, the new coke failed and in less than six months of its launch, the coke management had to relaunch old coke under the brand name coke classic. MR cannot provide answer to each and every marketing problem.

Also they will look at the economic, social, technological influences. At the same time, it necessitates a creative and skilled approach to the conduct of research. To the extent a market researcher is successful in his task, the value of the findings can be improved. It offers information and guidance to marketing manager but not the final decisions which are to be taken by manager themselves.

MR does not provide readymade solution to marketing problem.Before Coca-Cola launched New Coke they had invested US$4, in market research and undertookblind taste all these blind taste tests the New Coke had outperformed both Pepsi and existing Coke. Limitations of marketing research 1.

By HARI KRISHNA 2. (1) Marketing research offers suggestions and not decisions: Marketing research is not a substitute for decision making process.

It only offers possible suggestions/solutions to marketing problems. It actually acts as a. Limitations of marketing research are as explained below: (1) Marketing research offers suggestions and not decisions: Marketing research is not a substitute for decision-making process.

It only offers possible suggestions/solutions to marketing problems. Marketing research for Coca Cola Essay competitors and overall marketing environment that are know as the themes of marketing research. Coca- Cola conducts marketing research by using the themes of marketing.

They make sure what the customer wants. The limitations of primary research are that the information can be difficult to collect. Coca-Cola has had years to perfect their approach to social media, and their commercials are some of the best loved in the history of advertising.

Coca-Cola collectibles are popular and the characters from the commercials, such as the polar bears, are globally familiar and widely appealing. Coca-Cola has a deep bench of brand advocates who enthusiastically engage in the social media activities that are designed.

Discuss Limitations of Marketing Research Its MR should that 68% customers in US liked the taste of the new formula developed by the coca-cola corporation.

taken and policies framed on the basis of such research studies may not be accurate and useful for solving current marketing problems. Marketing research gives guidance to marketing.

Market research limitations of coca cola
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