Master thesis wiskunde ku leuven

Professional Option The learning outcomes for the Professional Option relate to an in-depth knowledge in an economically relevant application area of mathematics, the mathematical modeling and analysis of business inspired or socially relevant problems and the insights and skills that are relevant in an economic context.

The Admissions Board evaluates all applications and has the final say on the admissibility of the student, taking into account the relevant information.

Indicate the course size in ECTS-credits and the result you obtained, preferably according to the ECTS-scale; if a different scale is used, please provide an summary explanation on the meaning of the scores.

The option provides a preparation for possibly starting an advanced research training, usually leading to a PhD or a research position.

Subjects for a master’s thesis in the Master Mathematics/Wiskunde (2016-2017)

The student can situate these scientific developments within the discipline. Certified copies of transcripts and diplomas are required for all applicants.

General competences - The student can reason logically, think and interpret analytically also outside mathematical contexts. General scientific competences - The student can build independently on previously acquired scientific knowledge.

TOEFL minimum score 94 internet-based with at least 19 for reading, 18 for Listening, 19 for speaking and 21 for writing or IELTS minimum score 7 overall, whilst at least 6,5 for reading, 6 for listening, 6 for speaking and 6 for writing. Absolutely no other diplomas will be accepted as evidence even if the applicant has followed an exclusively English-taught programme.

Research Option The learning outcomes for the Research Option relate to a broader and deeper knowledge of some mathematical topics and greater independence in the understanding and presentation of advanced mathematics.

On the basis of the following degrees, or similar degrees, obtained in the Flemish Community: Access after preparatory, bridging or abridged programme: Objectives After successful completion of the Master in Mathematics the student is prepared for a professional career in either research, government or business and industry.

In those cases the admission board will take a positive decision only if supporting information is provided: Option-related competences Depending on the option chosen research, professional the student has additional option-related competences.

Bachelor in de fysica Leuven Minor wiskunde Bachelor in de wiskunde KortrijkLeuven Bachelor of Mathematics Degrees obtained outside the Flemish community will be admitted on individual basis.information technology training, and (3) a thesis.

For students accepted into the relevant major, • Bachelor (of Science) in de wiskunde, minor: IT For holders of other bachelor’s or master’s degree from KU Leuven and for all holders.

Sep 10,  · Katrina Cano (MAES KU Leuven alumna ) explains her thesis: Germany's just Transition: Lessons for Poland. To Master Thesis Departement Materiaalkunde Over ons Onderzoek Onderwijs Diensten Intranet MTM's Tabel van Mendeleev Department of Materials Engineering studeermateriaalkunde Emeritaatsviering prof.

dr. ir Jan Van Humbeeck Accessibility KU Leuven buildings; Alumni; International Office. Bachelor in de wiskunde (Kortrijk, Leuven) Bachelor of Mathematics.

from the KU Leuven curriculum; this choice should be approved by the programme director * a course from a different option than the one you have chosen, The Master's Thesis is compulsory. 30 ECTS: Master's Thesis: G0K97A: mi-centre.coma (coordinator) N. staff. staff.

for jurymembers and promotors WHAT?

Master Thesis 2017-2018

FOR WHOM? WHERE. FROM. UNTILL. The proposed members of the evaluation committee are filled in by the promotor via the electronic form 'samenstelling EC' in consultation with the student.

To complete the programme, you carry out a research project that results in a master’s thesis (30 ECTS). Department. All staff members of the Department of Mathematics are actively involved in the two-year master's programme.

The academic staff at the Department of Mathematics consists of leading experts in their fields. KU Leuven .

Master thesis wiskunde ku leuven
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