Rural marketing in consumer electronics

This pulls the crowd towards buying the product. There are many, many social issues but the one that really hit me was women empowerment.

Marketers must trade off the distribution cost with incremental market penetration. Second, during the harvest time. Looking at the table gives a novel idea to tap first two groups done by FMCG to introduce products focused on them.

An edited transcript of the conversation follows. Also, there is satellite television — some countries are ahead of others in this area. Sometimes such games ensure high customer involvement and also increase the interaction between the marketer and target customers.

Because consumers often worry less about the interest rate of a loan and more about whether they can afford the monthly payment or not. For a rural consumer, outing is confined to local fairs and festivals and TV viewing is confined to the state-owned Doordarshan.

It can be done as: A solution to this has been introduction of unit packs by some companies.

This is different in different parts of the country. As the population of rural region is scattered, it becomes a lot more important for the salesperson to have sufficient knowledge about rural area which he is supposed to cover.

Rural Marketing in India: Definition and Features of Rural Marketing

In recent years, rural markets have acquired significance in countries like China and India, as the overall growth of the economy has resulted into substantial increase in purchasing power of rural communities. And the rich people move into hotels because there is no help.

Pande— Rural Marketing, Thrust and Challenge, p.

Rural marketing – Where Marketers Should Break The Rules

To increase product sales ratio push-up sales promotion is the important part of promotion efforts taken up by the companies.

Also, dissemination of information concerning the rural folk is possible only through effective public relations. You can talk about how the satellite TVs are available but if there is no electricity nothing is going to happen in these areas.

The standard of living of rural areas is low and rural consumers have diverse socio-economic backwardness.

Thus, if the salesperson belongs to the particular rural district, in that case his job not only becomes easy but also chances of success in achieving his sales target increase strongly. Governments are trying to develop policies to help eradicate poverty. Haats are basically a weekly event, and are central to the village economy.

The tapping of the traditional culture that rural women groomed hair seriously was done perfectly right by HUL and launched shampoos with a view to sell shampoos because knowing that rural women compromise in ornaments and clothes but not in hair.

The haats are basically a gathering of the local buyers and sellers.Rural marketing is now a two-way marketing process. There is inflow of products into rural markets for production or consumption and there is also outflow of products to urban areas.

The Growing Clout of Rural Consumers

The urban to rural flow consists of agricultural inputs, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as soaps, detergents, cosmetics, textiles, and so on. RURAL MARKETING “Rural Marketing is Real Marketing” the focus of marketers in India was the urban consumer and by large number specific efforts were made to reach the rural markets.

But now Coming to the frame work of Rural Marketing, Rural Marketing broadly involves reaching the rural customer, understanding their needs and wants.

In fact, earlier the rural marketing ran only around the agricultural markets to feed itself but it has change past the era where game changers like Kisan Credit Cards, Micro Finance and Pardhan Mantri Gramodyog Yojna came to rural customers enabling them to spend more than earlier.

Industry body, Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) said most of the factors point to favourable sales in the festive season.

Rural Marketing - Promotion Strategies

"Pent-up demand due to GST and favourable monsoons leading to good harvest shall boost the rural demand for consumer durables," CEAMA President, Manish Sharma said. The evolution of HUL’s rural marketing strategies from an indirect approach to rural area to the door step marketing through Shaktiamma shows that the company has come a long way since it took its first rural initiative back in the ’s.

Mahajan, a professor of marketing at the University of Texas at Austin, examines the main factors driving growth in rural markets, its major barriers, and how these can be overcome.

Rural marketing in consumer electronics
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