Shangri la marketing strategy management in hotel

Summary Shangri-La London has a renown global reputation for its luxury experience and excellent service.

Business Marketing Plan for Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard London

People want to have an authentic, upscale London experience at Shangri-La London. Facilities such as tea kettles are also guest-friendly for Asian travelers.

With its established reputation as a traditional hotel brand focused on luxury and upscale experience, Shangri-La London can adopt these following marketing strategies to remain competitive in an increasingly digital and customer-driven market: London is also one of the busiest financial capitals.

In addition, Shangri-La London can reflect its locality by showcasing British traditions and culture through interior design, afternoon teas, festival events, etc. Shangri-La London already has a user-friendly mobile booking page and it should continue to improve its UX by redesigning its mobile landing page, adding links to its social media profiles and adding other commonly useful information such as car reservations and parking service.

Shangri-La London should use social media profiles to tell its story and create a strong brand around luxury and the upscale London experience. For Shangri-La London to stay strategically competitive in the luxury hotel market, it has to target global customers, especially Chinese and business visitors.

As of now Shangri-La London has a decent 4. In addition, Shangri-La London can form and publish such interesting, meaningful content on its own new life-style blog or on major media websites.

Increase Sales through Room Inventory Management Hotel rooms are perishable inventory, which means that unsold rooms expire and lose potential value when booking dates pass.

Target Global Customers For Shangri-La London to stay strategically competitive in the luxury hotel market, it has to target global customers, especially Chinese and business visitors. His work gives Shangri-La London a very modern, avant-garde flavor which makes the structure an upscale attraction in itself.

What is the story of Shangri-La London? In this increasingly digital world, more and more people start to book hotel rooms through mobile web and mobile apps see Chart 1.

Shangri-La London is centrally located at The Shard. Shangri-La London can utilize its locational advantage and market more heavily on its location at The Shard. In order to maintain that brand loyalty, Shangri-La London can strategically employ some Mandarin-speaking or other multilingual employees at the receptions as to provide convenience for many Asian travelers.

The Shard is designed by renown architect Renzo Piano. Success is all in the details. To maintain its reputation and take on new challenges of this increasing mobile world, Shangri-La London should enhance its London branding, target at global visitors specifically Chinese and commercial guestsdevelop a new digital strategy to enhance social influence, and maximize revenue by increasing sales of its perishable room inventory.

Therefore, nurturing a unique local culture at Shangri-La London is essential. Shangri-La London can develop corporate programs to develop relationships with millions of business travelers who value efficiency and quality. To take its social influence to the next level, Shangri-La London can create fresh content about the London experience, local events, special series, and brand and media collaborations on its social media platforms.

Potential revenue from unsold rooms can be significant which creates an opportunity for Shangri-La London to maximize its room inventory efficiency and increase revenue.Case 24Shangri-La Hotels 1.

The key element of strategy implemented by Shangri-La Hotel in gaining competitive advantage over its rivals is by offering services that are superior value worth paying more for. Shangri-la uses its signature standard of "Shangri-La Hospitality" in achieving an 5/5(1).

This is the Marketing mix of Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts.

Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts is a public company based in Hong Kong. Shangri-la Hotel, Beijing has received Best Hotel in Beijing Award and Shangri-la Hotel Toronto was the recipient of five diamond ratings, AAA for its impeccable services.

Marketing Strategy tutorials. Sales. Shangri-la hotels and Resorts is the first enter to a Chinese hotel market as a foreign investor and built its headquarters in Hong-Kong. Hotel management services to group owned and third party hotels the company forces to develop different core brands of hotel to gained the loyal and increase marketing base.

Competitiors. Shangri-La. Introducing our executive staff at Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai who guarantees your comfort during your entire stay with us.


Management | Shangri-La Hotel Dubai BOOK A ROOM. Introducing our executive staff at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver who guarantees your comfort during your entire stay with us. Regarded as one of the world's finest hotel management companies, Shangri-La is consistently recognized as an industry leader in readers' polls of prestigious publications worldwide.

you end your trip and your baggage is delivered to you. This is all part of the marketing process in Shangri-la Hotel. Apparently, an efficient service that 5/5(15).

Shangri la marketing strategy management in hotel
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