Summary of the dark is rising

The Lady is the most powerful of the Old Ones. When he gets up the next morning, he does not notice if it snowed because something very strange has happened. You will gather them and gain the power of the Light.

You step through time. Over Sea, Under Stone The characters in this book, which was published several years before the others, are younger than those in the rest of Summary of the dark is rising series, and the issues are presented as less cosmic.

They explain to him the truth—Will is an Old One, meaning he has the potential for mysterious powers, including immortality. It is blasted out of existence by Merriman after Will has read it. The writer captures the smell of the countryside It influenced other book series in the young adult genre.

Though she remains undefeated by the Dark, Merriman explains that she has retreated for now, needing time to recover from the ordeal. She is revealed as disguising herself as Blodwen Rowlands, an "aunt" figure to Bran Davies. The boys leave with some mincemeat for their mother, and on the way back past the churchyard, they see the old tramp again, who is imminently attacked and scared away by rooks, much to the confusion of the boys.

Merriman provides some background to the time that Will entered from his own time; he had entered the time of the Royal Forests, preserved by the Kings of England centuries ago. Will is sent back home to his family, who is released from the spell that made Will invisible. Over Sea, Under Stone and Greenwitch are set in Trewissick, which is based on a village in southern Cornwall called Mevagissey which Susan Cooper used to visit as a child.

Old Ones can summon these doors to appear at will to transport themselves through time and space. He meets the Rider, his enemy, as well as the white mare, an almost magical horse that helps Will. In GreenwitchBarney sketches a picture of the bay, which is later stolen by an agent of the Dark, but Merriman recovers it and presents it to Tethys as a gift.

The person who obtains the silver flower gains control of the High Magic, to put out of Time the Dark or the Light forever. When the Walker finds Will alone, Will gets the second Sign.

Hawkin, lured by the Dark, betrays the Old Ones. They are found in all parts of the world and are of many races and cultures. Will attends the ceremonial renewing of the third sign.

He grows cold and hungry, and thinks of the fire that he had conjured and extinguished in the hall with Merriman and the Lady. When used, the signs have the power to repel the Dark. She acts kind and caring, to keep an eye on Bran while developing emotional bonds, while controlling events around Cader Idris, which means "chair of Arthur", and the Sleepers.

When he looks out the window, he sees lots of snow on the ground. He goes about his chores on the family farm, going to bed on his birthday eve, hoping for snow.

The skylight in his room is thrown open by the storm outside.

The Dark Is Rising

Merriman is the first Old One. Characters[ edit ] Simon, Jane, and Barney Drew: Artifacts[ edit ] Things of Power: The Old Ones have four Things of Power that will be used in the final battle which will allow them to defeat the Dark: Merriman explains that the forces of the Dark are always threatening them, and that their power is now growing.

The Magics[ edit ] Old Magic: As he looks outside, he hears the music again, and again it stops. With his magic, he sets a fallen tree branch alight, but instead of eventually going out, the fire continues to burn. The day before Christmas Eve, Will is returning home by bus with some Christmas shopping.

A golden harp that is obtained by Will Stanton and Bran Davies from a triumvirate of the High Magic by answering three riddles. Will absorbs everything from the book, learning his powers as an Old One before Merriman destroys the book. The Rider tries to capture Will as he departs on his dark horse, but the smith saves him by pulling him out of reach.

All the mortal characters lose all memory of any dealings with magic and the Old Ones, though the Drews and Bran have snatches of something come back to them in dreams.

When he gets on the horse, it takes him to a group of doors in the woods. All he wants for his birthday is for it to snow, but it does not look as if that is going to happen.

Silver on the Tree[ edit ] All of the main characters from the other books in the sequence come together in this book, some meeting for the first time, and the current struggle between the Light and the Dark is resolved.The Dark is Rising, UK Cover.

Contents. Background. Summary. On Will Stanton's 11th birthday, he discovers he is the last of the Old Ones, beings with ancient knowledge of the power of the Light, and must collect and join Six Signs to UK Cover Artist: Alan Cober.

Free summary and analysis of Part 1: The Finding, Chapter 1 in Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising that won't make you snore. We promise.

The Dark is Rising

The Dark Is Rising Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more. Free summary and analysis of the events in Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising that won't make you snore. We promise. The Dark Is Rising is a series of five contemporary fantasy novels for older children and young adults, written by the English author Susan Cooper and published to The Dark Is Rising, the second novel in the series, was published in The characters in THE DARK IS RISING are more fully developed than those in the first book in the series, and many readers skip the first book entirely.

Will struggles with his new identity, and readers see him mature: "Will was instantly a furious Old One, so furious that he did not pause to think what he should do.".

Summary of the dark is rising
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