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Young adults somewhat more liberal on homosexuality, same-sex marriage Across the region, younger people that is, adults under 35 are less opposed to homosexuality and more inclined than their elders to favor legal gay marriage. The median is the middle number in a list of figures sorted in ascending or descending order.

Not one specific sex. Roma also known as Romani or Gypsies, a term some consider pejorative face the lowest overall levels of acceptance. Do they believe in a higher power?

Of course, the other extreme is not any better.

On the other hand, Orthodox Christians are generally more inclined than Catholics across the region to accept Muslims as fellow citizens and neighbors. Demi-boy — Someone whose identity is only partly male, regardless of their birth gender.

This is necessary to ensure the consistency of the estimates across time and to avoid any particular case having too much influence on the overall estimates. But even among younger people, the prevailing view is that homosexuality is morally wrong, and relatively few young adults except in the Czech Republic favor gay marriage.

One of the most important things to consider is that, these terms have been used differently in varied academic disciplines and even in some cases they are used interchangeably with negligible differences. Relatively few Orthodox or Catholic adults in Central and Eastern Europe say they regularly attend worship services, pray often or consider religion central to their lives.

In addition, Catholics in Central and Eastern Europe are much more likely than Orthodox Christians to say they engage in religious practices such as taking communion and fasting during Lent.

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Some of the more recent surveys suggest that this Orthodox revival has slowed or leveled off in the last decade or so. More than 10, interviews were conducted in nine countries and the Soviet republics of Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania.

In Catholic-majority countries, church attendance rates may even have declined, according to some surveys. How religious do you think your country was in the s and s when all but Greece among the surveyed countries were ruled by communist regimesand how religious is it today?

Religious Belief and National Belonging in Central and Eastern Europe

But even in these three nations, roughly one-in-six or more Orthodox Christians say the patriarch of Moscow is the highest authority in Orthodoxy — despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Orthodox Christians in these countries do not self-identify as ethnic Russians or with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Respondents were offered the opportunity to complete the survey in Spanish, but all surveys were completed in English. For example, Greeks report relatively low levels of religious practice, while expressing strong feelings of cultural superiority and national pride — similar to respondents in other Orthodox-majority countries surveyed.

What is a Literature Review?

Overall, Catholics appear more willing than Orthodox Christians to accept Jews as family members. If we consider that survey paper is the result of literature survey, we can use the following definitions from CS journals.

Best Practices for Collecting Gender Data in Surveys First and foremost, make sure you keep questions about sex, gender, and sexual orientation separate.Aug 27,  · In addition to asking questions about religious identity, beliefs and practices and national identity, the survey probed respondents’ views on social issues, democracy, the economy, religious and ethnic pluralism and more.

This comparative survey of literature explores questions of identity on several fronts: first, it prompts questions about how religious, historical and national identities are formulated in and through the tourist site; second, it leads to an assessment of a site's claim to status as a work of art that prompts aesthetic identification; and.

SURVEY OF RESEARCH INTEGRITY MEASURES UTILIZED IN BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES LITERATURE REVIEW Prepared by: C. Mulqueen D. Rodbard American Institutes for Research K Street, NW Washington, DC October 31, Prepared for: Department of Health and Human Services.

A literature review surveys books, scholarly articles, and any other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, and by so doing, provides a description, summary, and critical evaluation of these works in relation to the research problem being investigated.

Nonetheless, this problem persists throughout the survey, research, and feedback worlds. Gender identity refers to the internal/psychological sense of self, regardless of what sex a person was assigned at birth. When asking about gender as a category, words like woman, man, and trans* should be used.

Hispanic Identity Fades Across Generations as Immigrant Connections Fall Away

A literature review is likewise not a collection of quotes and paraphrasing from other sources. A good literature review should critically evaluate the quality and findings of the research. A good literature review should avoid the temptation of stressing the importance of a particular research program.

Survey of research literature identity
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