The great war career of field marshal douglas haig essay

It failed even on that score, since the Allies lost more men than the Germans. Memorial Day 1 July Haig knew that the battle would lead to massive death numbers. Under his command, hundreds of thousands of British soldiers died in attacks ill-suited to the conditions they faced.

And Haig had given him every reason for believing this. He later claimed that these doubts had gone back to the Boer War but there appears to have been an element of later embellishment about this; Haig who had criticised Kitchener, Roberts and others had in fact praised French during the Boer War and had welcomed his appointment as CIGS in He still had his defenders, but they were in the last trench, barely holding on.

For the minute number of soldiers that had ultimately crossed no-mans land the entangled barbed wire stood as another obstacle. These cover the major events of his military career, among them the Sudan Campaign of and his experiences during the Boer War, Haig had no new tactics to offer, and the only technological advance that showed any promise was the tank.

Casualties were around 12, on each side. His role as a cavalry officer helped. As an intimate of Haldane Haig was able to ensure high priority for cavalry, less for artillery, contrary to the advice of Lord Roberts now retired as Commander-in-Chief whose views were no longer very welcome because his campaign for conscription had made life hard for Haldane.

Of course, truly great generals seem to possess all these qualities to some degree. If there was deep mistrust between civilian and military leadership, Haig was to blame for it.

The attacking forces did not gain a single one of their objectives. The compromise—letting him keep his command but denying him the reserves he needed—was the worst of many bad alternatives.

There are also many photographs of his post-war tours. French also communicated with Conservative leaders and to David Lloyd George who now became Minister of Munitions in the new coalition government.

The Much-Reviled Sir Douglas Haig May Have Been The Best Man For a Terrible Job

But now the Americans were coming, to replace the wasted battalions. French was reduced to having his orders releasing the reserves published in The Times 2 Novemberalong with an article by Repington blaming Haig. Diary records daily events Haig wrote an entry for almost every day of the war.

The Best Man for a Bad Job? Even mud and machine guns. He had obtained every qualification, gained every experience and served in every appointment requisite for the General Command. They are artists of a kind, blending in one person intelligence, intuition, courage, calculation and many other traits that allow them to see what others cannot and to act when the time is right.

So the tide turned, and with Haig still commanding the BEF, the Allies pushed the Germans back and forced first a cease-fire and then the fatally flawed Treaty of Versailles.

The Cabinet were less optimistic and Kitchener like Rawlinson was also somewhat doubtful and would have preferred smaller and purely attritional attacks but sided with Robertson in telling the Cabinet that the Somme offensive should go ahead.

However Haig also rewrote his diary from this period, possibly to show himself in a better light and French in a poor one. He had had a long military career as a celebrated cavalry. First, because he still has defenders who—in spite of those many graveyards and inconclusive, costly battles—would claim he was not in fact an unsuccessful commander.

The battle to defend Paris began on 5 September and became known as the first Battle of the Marne.

Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig

That battle is generally, and incorrectly, remembered as one decided through attrition. He surrounded himself with uncritical supporters who fuelled his self-belief.

These consist mainly of documents relating to her own biography of her husband and that of the historian Duff-Cooper. They were too weak to drive the enemy entirely off the ground it had conquered inso the Germans believed they had never in fact been defeated. Although Haig comes across as the main reason of the great loss of the Somme he is not fully responsible for it.

Experiences of the Great War

Arguments continued over the British taking over more front line from the French. However Haig felt no reason to change his tactics as he rested at a grand chateau in a distant village.

As late ashe was still capable of writing this about the future of warfare: At the end of the war, after all, the army he commanded—and had almost ruined—was, if not victorious, then plainly on the winning side.Defining Field Marshal General Sir Douglas Haig Essay - Defining Field Marshal General Sir Douglas Haig Haig was a technical innovator; Haig was an old fashioned fool.

Haig was a brilliant strategist; Haig was ignorant. Haig was a great man; Haig was hardly a man. The Library is the principal repository of the papers of Douglas Haig who was Commander in Chief of the British Army on the Western Front for the greater part of the First World War, from The collection covers Haig's entire life, from his birth in until his death in The issue of Douglas Haig’s role as a general on the Western Front, during the Battle of the Somme inhas been thoroughly questioned by many historians to date.

Through different views and opinions, Haig’s skills have been both heavily celebrated and criticised. Field Marshall Douglas Haig returned from the First World War to throngs of adoring fans.

They had turned out in solidarity and support for their hero, the man who had led them to victory in a war to end all wars.

A ‘Great War’. Haig As a Leader Essay; Haig As a Leader Essay. Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig: War hero or butcher of the Somme? Haig was ignorant. Haig was a great man; Haig was hardly a man. Haig was easily the best man for the job; Haig was obviously the only man left for the job.

All these views are shared by different people about Haig, in my. On the 10th of December a new commander was appointed named Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig and aged He had had a long military career as a celebrated cavalry.

Custom Essays on Did Haig deserve the Title the Butcher of the Somme The expectation was that the ferocity of the bombardment would entirely destroy all forward .

The great war career of field marshal douglas haig essay
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