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The fine increase was not at all effective at stopping motorists from using their phones while driving.

Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Given the increasing visibility of the issue of distracted driving in the media and among policymakers, the causes of distractions have recently been debated and several studies implicated the use of cell phones especially sending messages while Use cell phone driving essay.

I believe that in order to halt the mounting death toll caused by talking and driving a ban must be put into place. Sturnguist, Conclusion The paper has presented arguments on both sides of the issue using or not using cell phones during driving.

Cell phones cause distractions while on the road. Increased Chances of Fatal Accidents Several researchers have proved that using cell phones during driving makes driver more exposed to fatal accidents.

It is of great importance to understand that using cell-phones while driving can be a very risky business. An illustration of this intervention can be found below Figure 2 where, in this case, the government has the ability to fine or ticket those who use a phone while driving in order to reduce the quantity of distracted drivers on the road.

Those two factors, subjective norm i. In 15 of these jurisdictions, the bans apply to all drivers under 18, even with unrestricted licenses. Although the statement is true that cell phones are not essential for driving, the authors failed to include that airbags save far more people than they kill and did not mention that the Firestone tires were defective and eventually recalled.

Two studies, comprising about long-haul trucks driving 3 million Use cell phone driving essay miles, used video cameras to observe the drivers and road; researchers observed "4, safety-critical events, which includes crashes, near crashes, crash-relevant conflicts, and unintended lane deviations.

When adjusted for distance driven per year and other crash risk exposures, RR was 1. Drivers using cell phones are not able to give their complete attention on roads exposing not only themselves but also other people on the road.

Drivers holding conversations on cell phones were four times more likely to miss the highway exit than those with passengers, and drivers conversing with passengers showed no statistically significant difference from lone drivers in the simulator.

Possibly the most important factor was the increasing lack of enforcement of the ban by the police. The questionnaire asked about driving habits, risk exposure, collisions over the past 24 months, socio-demographic information, and cell phone use.

Cell phones support in making a direct contact with person effectively and without wastage of any time. Externalities are a form of market failure where, by definition, the market fails to deliver an efficient outcome.

One can also do those things, just not while one is driving. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This Regulation was made under the Road Transport Act Does this mean we must stop using airbags and tires?

Alcohol impairs a persons ability to react to certain things in time; hence the inability to walk. Cell phones during driving also reduce the mental capacity of drivers as they fail to concentrate on minor or major activities happening around them.

Letting a driver talk on the phone is just as dangerous as giving the wheel to someone that is drunk. While ticketing can be tricky to apply, the revenue brought in by ticket is a benefit to society as it can be used for local and state needs and will help reduce the externality.

A study on magnetic resonance imaging MRIto establish the impact of auditory language comprehension on the brain activity while individuals performed a simulated driving task, it showed a reduced brain activity in the cortical area responsible for driving.

Therefore, most of the governments, including Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, and different Asian as well as African countries, have imposed restriction on using cell phones during driving.

Cell Phones: Should Their Use While Driving Be Prohibited? Essay Sample

Klein, Cell phone users while driving has low level of perceptions. Each state law, however, has its own unique features. Both increased smartphone sales and lack of enforcement created a situation where in which it was acceptable to use your phone while driving again, yet having being illegal for over 13 years [30].

Lives must no longer be lost and money no longer wasted due to a distracted driver. They are also too busy thinking about their responses and what to say to pay attention to other drivers on the road.

The most prevalent distractions are texting and talking on a cell phone while driving. Drivers must be able to make the decision to not use their phones until the vehicle is at a complete stop or else they will face paying a fine or even some jail time.

A small price must be payed in order Use cell phone driving essay ensure the protection of every person on the road. In Texasthe ban only applies when passengers under age 17 are present, and has no emergency exception.

The efficiency and portability of wireless phones today allow drivers to do so much while staying on the go. We should be doing more to address this growing issue by getting all the states to adopt a law that bans cell phone use while driving. The graph does not show this theoretical situation because the data of how often tickets are given for mobile phone use while driving is not conclusive.

Legislation[ edit ] A sign along Bellaire Boulevard in Southside Place, Texas Greater Houston states that using mobile phones while driving is prohibited from 7: Questionnaires were sent todrivers and analysis was done on the 36, who responded.CELL PHONE USE AND TEEN DRIVING "Motorists who use cell phones while driving are more likely to engage in additional dangerous behaviors." "Using cell phones for 3/5(6).

Cell phones while driving essaysThe use of cellular phones has spread like wild fire in the last ten years. It has become a part of everyday life for many American citizens, and a good number of people depend on them to carry out daily operations.

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Studies have shown that cell phone use during driving does lead to dangerous changes in a driver's behavior, change in average speed; slower break reaction time, slower.

The Use of Cell Phone While Driving Essay Sample. Introduction: As set out in the traffic law, not only in our country but in many countries it is prohibited from using cell. Essay on Cell Phone Use and Smoking while Driving Should be Banned - Cell phones have been known to distract the driver from concentrating on the road.

But. An outline for my essay Paragraph 1: I. Thesis: Cell phones should be banned while driving Paragraph 2: Using cell phone would make drivers have less control of the vehicles, however some people are able to multitask without causing any danger%(2).

Use cell phone driving essay
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