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Conservatories and greenhouses were removed from the west lawn and long windowed galleries were built on the east and west sides of the main building in The White House-gallery: It all started in when architect James Hoban worked with George Washington, and they decided that the new two-story structure would be made of stone or brick, enhanced by elegant gardens and lawns.

A fire during the Hoover administration in destroyed the executive wing and led to more renovations, which continued after Franklin Roosevelt entered office.

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Instead, Hoban was brought back to rebuild it nearly from scratch, in some areas incorporating the original, charred walls. The State Dining Room, which now seats as many as guests, was originally much smaller and served at various times as a drawing room, office, and cabinet room The White House-st.

Designated by James Hoban, as a common dining room, the Green Room has since functioned as a drawing for small receptions, tea parties, and even as a card room under James Monroe The White House-green room: In Ulysses Grant extended the White House grounds south and a great round pool was built on the south lawn.

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The White House The White House The White House has undergone four major phases of construction with its beginnings in and subsequent reconstruction in and renovations in and The White House-construction: The Trumans helped redesign most of the state rooms and decorate the second and third floors, and the president proudly displayed the results during a televised tour of the completed house in The White House is the oldest known government building and has undergone many changes including styles, rooms, and outward appearance.

The British set fire to the house during the War of The internet made its debut in the mansion under the watch of George H. A new east wing was constructed inits cloakroom transformed into a movie theater. Currently used as a bedroom for guests of the president, the Lincoln Bedroom derives from the time when Abraham Lincoln used it as an office and cabinet room The White House-Lincoln bedroom: The Diplomatic Reception Room serves as an entrance to the White House from the south grounds for the family and for ambassadors arriving to present their credentials to the president The White House-dip.

President Coolidge had a rooftop solarium built to create private space, as a new roof was added and the old attic was turned into a full third floor in The White House-attic: A final major overhaul took place after Harry Truman entered office in The Blue Room has always been used as a reception room except for a brief period during the administration of John Adams when it served as the south entrance hall The White House-blue room: A replacement greenhouse was constructed on the west side, adjoining the state floor of the White House The White House-greenhouse: In an East Wing office building was added to the east terrace, including a bomb shelter and a movie theatre The White House-east wing: It has hosted longstanding traditions such as the annual Easter Egg Roll, as well as historic events like the nuclear arms treaty with Russia.

Upon reassuming residency inJames Madison and his wife Dolley gave the home a more regal touch by decorating with extravagant French furniture. Following a study to assess the exterior paint, up to 40 layers were removed in some areas, allowing for repairs of deteriorated stone.

Also added were ornamental iron fences which surround the structure and running water was piped into the house The White House-water: In pavilions and terraces were added to the east and west sides of the main building The White House-structure: In another round pool was built on the north lawn The White House-pool: The White House today holds rooms on six floors, the floor space totaling approximately 55, square feet.

The East Room normally contains little furniture and traditionally is used for large gatherings, such as dances, after-dinner entertainments, concerts, weddings, funerals, award presentations, press conferences, and bill signing ceremonies The White House-east room: The China Room on the ground floor of the White House exhibits dishes used by presidents for nearly two centuries Inside the White House Next, Andrew Jackson creates the White House orangey in which is demolished in to make room for a new treasury wing.

Over the course ofa porte-cochere and circular drive were added to the exterior of the West Wing, with a new press briefing room installed inside. The south portico was built in Start your free trial today. Subsequent administrations continued to overhaul and bolster the interior through Congressional appropriations; the Fillmores added a library in the second-floor oval room, while the Arthurs hired famed decorator Louis Tiffany to redecorate the east, blue, red and state dining rooms.Read this American History Essay and over 88, other research documents.

The White House. The White House The White House has undergone four major phases of construction with its beginnings in and subsequent /5(1). Search WHHA - start typing and then listen for common searches like yours. Search. Filters.

An Essay on "The Visit" by Peter Waddell. A War Worker Calls for a Favor, late By: History in White House Silver.

Below is an essay on "White House" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of The United States/5(1). ´╗┐History of The White House: An American Treasure For almost years, the White House has stood as a symbol of the Presidency, the United States government, and the American people.

Free white house papers, essays, and research papers. An Essay on "The Confidant" by Peter Waddell. First Lady Lucy Hayes and Her Maid, By: They set out to be a model American family in the White House. recognizing value in the women's campaigns against saloons, Mrs.

Hayes decreed a dry White House, banning alcohol from presidential functions. History in White House Silver.

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