Writing a political satire video

Winstead will be posting all of the satiric pieces created by the class on her web siteand is inviting commentary from her readers; several are up already, to mostly supportive responses. Once introductions were out of the way, she offered a brief overview of how she started incorporating political satire into her stand-up comedy, telling of a disastrous date she went on on the eve of the first Gulf War.

We spent much of the rest of the day working on our own satiric pieces, in groups of four, with Winstead repeatedly dropping in on the group, looking over our work, and offering suggestions. Additionally, I was possessed of occasional little coughing fits, which I knew could be annoying, so I tried to keep them as quiet as possible, resulting in brief, repeated episodes where I would vibrate for a while and produce the sorts of sounds little dogs make when they are just learning to bark.

List of satirists and satires

So we offered a second list: This proved to be a prescient decision, as both MSNBC and FOX news launched within the year; the show Winstead co-created is still known as much for skewering how news is presented as it is for skewering the news itself.

The class was scheduled to run until 4 p. I can understand the impulse — I did, after all, just spend a paragraph lovingly detailing my illness. The television at the bar had CNN on, and the news station was broadcasting the opening moments of the war.

Don’t be a hack: Writing political satire with Lizz Winstead

But it strikes me as a waste of money at a seminar. I bought a box of tissues at the start of the seminar; by the end of it, I had used them all. We just continued working past the end of class, and Winstead just kept checking in with everybody and offering suggestions.

‘Roseanne,’ Fox and a Satire Story

And then, in the class, it was on to theory. My policy is to keep my head low, ask questions when I have them, do whatever work is asked of me, and otherwise just quietly drain fluids and occasionally vibrate. The answers came quickly, and were about what you would imagine: Satire does demand a response, as Winstead said.

Today, I can proudly state that my cough has expanded to something operatic, with deep timbres and sonorous overtones. I was on the tail end of an especially miserable cold and I think my poor body had gotten confused and decided it was a neti pot.

Whatever fluid I put into my body it instantly added salt to and pushed back out my nose. He handed out checks from the tobacco industry on the House floor; he threatened to cut off funding to the Smithsonian because of a fleeting image of ants on a cross.

It looks like the basement rumpus room of some hipster uncle. Winstead was polite enough to ignore the spectacle I was making of myself. About 30 students registered, including yours truly, and spent a good portion of the day in the basement of Java Jacks coffee shop in south Minneapolis.

The Art of Writing Political Satire

Instead, we provide him a hour-per-day microphone for more utterances that may be profoundly embarrassing and painful for him down the road.

Winstead had written a name on a white board: Are they reporting on a war — or selling it? Security Council has authorized air strikes.Don't be a hack: Writing political satire with Lizz Winstead she offered a brief overview of how she started incorporating political satire into her stand-up comedy, telling of a disastrous.

Political satire is satire that specializes in gaining entertainment from politics; it has also been used with subversive intent where political speech and d. Claim: "FOX Network Picks Up ‘Roseanne'"Written As Satire. List of satirists and satires.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. This Chumbawamba have consistently used satire to make political points throughout their musical career. Otaku no Video, a anime satirizing the otaku subculture. Adaptation. Brazil; S.O.B., a satire on Hollywood.

Writing political satire is fun, but it is an art. My first tip is: Read good political satire: For modern day examples, I suggest you read (available online) To create a good satirical essay on political issues you need to choose a topic, political topic that makes you care.

For example, I care about the ecology and how politicians care. Jun 21,  · Satire can be traced back throughout history; wherever organized government, or social categories, has existed, so has satire.

How to Write Good Political Satire: .

Writing a political satire video
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